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I have loved cloud cream for many months . Plus the other day I was having my make up done for an event and the make up artist couldn’t believe how well hydrated and heathy my skin was ! Try it - you will love it !

ALL products

All the products are amazing! The quality is great and I can clearly see a difference in my skin, looking so much healthier and with a healthy glow.

Amazing serums!

I have never been a big believer in skin serum until I tried Pure Scents. I have been using the hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serum consistently for the last month and I see and feel an amazing difference in my skin!! I am super sensitive to scents and dyes, but I have had no issues with these natural products. So excited to be able to use something that won’t give me a headache or skin reaction! Highly recommend!!!

Heavenly Hydration

As someone who has struggled with dry skin (especially in the winter) I was so eager and excited when I saw this set. It made it so easy and nice for checkout! I have been using these products for over a few weeks and I have noticed such a difference in my skin. I have never had a product continue to actually work on my face. I usually have to reapply moisturizer throughout the day but I do not have to do that after using the cloud cream. Plus the ingredients are all amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others through their process!!

Chocolate Bliss Whipped Body Butter (Seasonal)
Chocolate Body Butter

These purchases were gifts so cannot give a review.

Great lip balms

Smooth moisturizing balm which can used on lips and skin. Love that it’s natural and locally made!

Wonderful Lip Balm

I really love the lip balm. I hate flavors/scents, so this lip balm is perfect - no taste. It is soft without falling apart and moisturizes my lips perfectly. I love it.

Love this Vitamin C

My skin feels so soft and smooth since I started using this serum. Try it you will love it.


I love this product so much, it’s the best sugar scrub I’ve ever used. I use this every morning and I feel like I’m at the spa! It exfoliates and keeps my skin hydrated, plus the smell wakes me up and gets me ready to start my day.

Balsam Berry Natural Fragrance Mist (Seasonal)
Susan G.
Smells like Christmas

This spray makes my whole house smell like Christmas. We have an artificial tree but every time I walk in the door the scent of fresh greens is so real!

"Snow Kissed" Shimmer Body Butter (Seasonal)
Jane Cicala
Love the shimmer!

I love all the body butters but this one is so unique! The smell is delicious, and the shimmer is very classy, not obnoxious. I wasn’t sure if I could see it at first but in certain types of lighting my skin just GLOWS. I just ordered 3 more for my daughters!

Simple and clean

This moisturizer goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. My face is very soft.

Lavender Whipped Butter

I am addicted to the many scents of the whipped butter. Leaves my dry skin feeling silky & moisturized.

I Love my Whipped Body Butter!

The scent of orange cream is so nostalgic for me. This whipped body is light and airy yet silky smooth when applied to the skin. I love treating myself with this well designed fragrant body butter. The only complaint is that I can’t eat it! 🤤

Effective and natural!

Effective and natural are not words you can often use when referring to skin care. My skin has never felt or looked better. My blemishes have cleared, my fine lines have become less visible, and I love that I’m not exposing myself to harsh chemicals. Clean Slate is a game changer!

Grand slam once again

A superb cleanser. I like how one pump is enough to cleanse my entire face, especially before/after I shave. Gentle on the skin and leaves my skin feeling tight and smooth. I have been using a prescription-grade retinoid and this gentle cleanser interacts with it greatly. I really like how it is unscented, too. However, I would not hate if it smelled like THE spearmint and green tea toner! :-). Jenny never misses. 15/10.


Another perfect product! This cleanser washed off every trace of makeup from my face, mascara and all, and left my skin feeling hydrated and healthy. I love that I didn’t have to use a separate makeup remover which saves me an extra step at the end of my day. It’s amazing!

Another Winner!

Thanks, Jenny, for another great new product! Loving this facial cleanser… a little goes a long way, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It’s a perfect addition to my skin regimen. A true winner!

Vitamin C Serum

I love the consistency of this serum. It goes on smooth and helps my skin look and feel refreshed. I previously used another “high end” Vitamin C serum, but it did not go on smooth and made my skin feel sticky. I’m so glad I decided to try this one!

Best Vitamin C serum!

I’ve used several Vitamin C serums over the years and this one goes on so smoothly and absorbs nicely. Using with the Age Defense serum gives my skin a healthy glow all year long!

Love this!

Another new amazing product! I have dry, sensitive skin so this cleanser is exactly what I need...all natural, fragrance free & no harsh chemicals. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean & smooth!

Cloud Cream is amazing

I started using Cloud Cream along with the Brightening Serum 3 days ago and I can already feel
a difference in my skin. My face feels so soft. Jenny, you have another customer for life I love
your products.


Pure heaven in a jar!

Skin bright

I just started using this vitamin C serum a few weeks ago and like it so far. Makes my skin feel soft and smooth!

Excellent products

Everyone in our family loves receiving Pure Scents products. Kathleen my daughter in law, was thrilled to open hers on Christmas Eve!!