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Outstanding Eye Cream

This eye cream is another great product from Pure Scents. It hydrates the eye area without that greasy feeling. It's also unscented, which is a plus for people with sensitive skin. It's been a long time since my eye area has been this hydrated. Another winner!

Light and airy

I LOVE the new Exfoliating Face Polish!! It feels like I am putting a cloud on my face but then gets to business and works magic and wakes up my skin leaving super fresh and soft!

Silky Cloud Cream

This is my favorite moisturizer for nighttime! It’s silky smooth and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling smooth and well-nourished!

Nothing compares!

I was counting down the days until this product came out. My skin has been glowing with Pure Scents products. And now this one.. the icing on the cake!!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Micro Exfoliating Face Polish!!! My face is so soft, smooth, and most importantly, clear. Using the face polish a few times a week in my nightly routine has really improved the texture of my skin. There is nothing that compares to this product (and the scent)! I use it in combination with the face wash (an absolute MUST), both serums, the eye cream, and the cloud cream. My face has never been happier!!!

Lovely Exfoliator!

Jenny read my mind on this one! I had been waiting for a fresh, mildly scented exfoliating scrub from Pure Scents! Makes my face feel clean and so very silky soft!

Love the results!

I use the skin care line, my favorite product is the Refresh hydrating facial toner. I spray on every morning and every night!
Also, the White Chocolate whipped body butter feels so good on my skin, and smells so yummy!

I was skeptical because I have extremely sensitive skin and roseaca episodes, however the day after I used this, my face was not only as smooth as silk but my redness was better and I didn't have any breakouts. This product is amazing, it smells great and the exfoliating isn't too harsh but packs a lot of punch. Definitely adding this to my skincare team!


I can’t express how much this product has impressed me. It not only smells heavenly, but it’s the perfect exfoliator leaving your skin smooth, soft and surprisingly, extremely silky. I love it!

I Recommend These products

I like the cloud cream very much. I was using another natural product moisturizer and it had been out of stock for months so that is when I tried these products. I purchased the cloud cream, Vitamin C and the hyaluronic acid. I love them all. I was gifted for Christmas the body scrub in lavender and the whipped body butter. That is how I learned of these products. I love them both and this will definitely be my new go to body scrub. I will for sure be a repeat customer.


I am in love with this cleanser! It cleanses so well, smells lovely and makes my face feel incredible. I've been wanting to change skin care products for a while and wanted to find safe natural products, AND I did!! I purchased additional skin care products and am equally happy with all of them. The moisturizer and eye cream are amazing! Highly recommend!

"Snow Kissed" Shimmer Body Butter (Seasonal)
Pat Pawlik
Love the "Snow Kissed💋" Body Butter

I love the Snow-Kissed scent and use it as a moisturizer on my hands and feet all winter. It is not oily, despite the name, and only a thin layer is needed! I purchased three jars for gifts this Christmas!

Love Struck

I am Love Struck on the whipped butters!
Silky smooth, and the aroma is so nice!

Candy Cane Whipped Sugar Scrub (Seasonal)
Trish Heffernan
Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Fantastic and so fun for the holidays and winter months! Mint sugar scrub with a little peppermint crunch on top. Amazing how fast the scrub works on your skin and lips.

"Snow Kissed" Shimmer Body Butter (Seasonal)
Love This One

So far, this has been my favorite scent. Used it just now and it feels so good on the skin. Get this one, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Jenny!

Hydrating spray

This is one of my favorite products in the skin care line. I use this twice everyday, in the morning and before bed, and it is so refreshing. The smell is revitalizing as well.

Love the products. Makes a great gift for friends and co-workers.

Age Defense Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Like all the other products from Pure Scents, this serum was also light, refreshing, and quick to absorb. Also the combination of the different products makes your skin very soft and well hydrated.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I loved this eye cream. It was very soft, light, cool and left my eyes feeling very refreshed. I also liked that it was not oily or greasy and was very soothing.

Skin Care lin

I absolutely love this serum as part of Pure Scents skin care routine. It makes my skin feel so soft! These facial products are among the best I have ever used!

great ingredients and scent but not moisturizing or hydrating enough for my lips

Whipped butter

I love the whipped shea butter line of scents and the creamy soft results on my skin.


I love the scent of this scrub and how it makes my skin feel. But all the scrubs smell and feel amazing!

I love, love, love this product. This is by the best vitamin C product I have ever used. It brightens and has made such a big difference in reducing sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It’s the one part if my skincare routine that I will never skip! I’m so impressed with the difference this has made.

This is the best lip balm I have ever used! It hydrating and has a slight peppermint taste. It’s great to have on alone or under a gloss or lipstick. I have these in every bag, in my car, desk, and a few around the house. I will keep these on hand at all times!!!

Thus smells and feels so amazing! I can’t use any other lotion! It feels soft and hydrating on your skin and the fragrance stays with you.