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All natural ingredients list for mint whipped body butter by Pure Scents Bath and Body
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Fresh Mint Whipped Body Butter
Fresh Handmade mint whipped body butter. All natural and vegan. Made by Pure Scents Bath and Body
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Fresh Mint Whipped Body Butter

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If you enjoy the cooling, sweet scent of peppermint, this one's for you!

A luxurious, hand-whipped blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and other skin-nourishing ingredients.
Gently scented with 100% pure peppermint essential oil.  

*Body butters are different than creams and lotions. This product contains no water and is 100% "active" ingredients, so a little goes a long way! Although it can be used any time of day, you'll notice increased benefits when used after a shower or bath.

Ingredients: Raw, unrefined shea butter, raw cocoa butter, mango butter, organic unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil, sweet almond oil, pure peppermint essential oil, mica powder(natural colorant), vitamin E.

For more information on the amazing properties of these ingredients, please click here.

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Please store at room temperature, as the all-natural ingredients will melt in the heat and will harden in colder climates. 
Use within one year of purchase.
This product comes in a beautiful, eco-friendly glass jar.
Net wt 5oz.

Customer Reviews

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Fresh Mint Body Butter

Love the fragrance. A great gift idea.

Extremely moisturizing, wonderful smell

I’m addicted to the body butter line and was excited to try a new scent. I was 100% satisfied and will continue to both use and gift this fabulous moisturizer.


Love the scent!

Amazing Body butter

Love it- makes skin feel so smooth and soft. Refreshing mint fragrance. It’s a must try !!